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The Commodore's Report

From the Helm

Hello Membership one & all,

I hope there is wellness in your household & healing & recovery for those ill in this terrible flu season. This beautiful sunshine &warmth we have had this last week is like a jolt in arm. I sure have needed it.

January has been an interesting month with lots happening. The Chamber Mixer was successful with a good turnout. Petee’s Birthday Party was a fun time had by all. Friday nights have been busy and we have had awesome guest chefs & Jessica’s great cooking as well.

Thank you all for paying your dues in a timely manner. E mailing & streamlining this process has saved a lot of time & money. I received my new membership card in the mail  I LOVE our laminated cards!!!!! I hope you do too! Thank you to Nancy Glover for printing & to Lauren Cirimele for signatures & laminating as well as all the work mailing!

Thank you to Dave Critton for updating alarm codes for the new Board as well as changes to bring us up to date! A big thank you to Craig Morrison for installing & troubleshooting the new keypad lock for the Liquor Room. As Board members change, now we can just change the combo each year, instead of having lots of keys out floating around.

As you have all heard, we have had to postpone the Crab Feed until February 17th, due to NO fresh Crab. We only wanted fresh, so we postponed & I believe we will have a much tastier event & it looks like a full house too!!!

Our January bar sales were only down a bit, however if we had the Crab Feed we would have started the year Rockin it! February will more than make up for things, as there are events every weekend & 3 Cruise In’s happening!

Fri. Feb 9th, the Sea Ray Club cruises in & we celebrate Valentines Day. Sat. Feb 10th with a fabulous dinner & a band!


Fri. Feb 9th, the Sea Ray Club cruises in & we celebrate Valentines Day. Sat. Feb 10th with a fabulous dinner & a band!

You also may have noticed the RV is gone from down below. Thank you to Rhonda Hansen & Mary Centoni for taking Richard to the Veteran’s care physicality & getting him help and a chance to be relocated by the VA. He has decided instead, to move to Anchor Marina. We wish the best for him.

On a sad note, our Bartender Sheryl has decided to resign. She has been considering this for some time. Her father is ill & lives outside the area. We also have been unable to come to an agreement regarding an Employee Policy the Board is putting in place for all the Employees. After several meetings with Sheryl and events on a timeline I spoke about at the Feb member meeting, we regretfully accepted her resignation. We all wish her the best moving forward.

Also unfortunately, I was informed of the passing of another one of our long term members. Joe Ratto. He passed away in November, but we only found out recently. We rang 8 Bells for him at our Member meeting.

Looking forward, the theme to this year’s Opening Day happening April 21st is “The Movies." Scott McKenzie has graciously stepped up to run the event & he is looking for help. He has great ideas about decorating the club & the theme leaves open LOTS of creativity. I believe this will be a hugely successful Opening Day!

It is important to look to the end of the Cross Currents for the attachment’s regarding the Frank’s Tract Feasibility Study Information & The Alternative Plan prepared by our own David Gloski with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT & a Bachelors Degree in Nuclear Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI).
The alternative plan presented by Dave could be vital to our community! Please give It your attention!!!

I want to thank everyone for all the support & encouragement that is regularly shown for this Board & all the hard work it takes to keep our club running.

I look forward to seeing you at the club & out enjoying our amazing California Delta.


The Devil Is In The Details: Another Crucial Petition To Stop The Tunnels

PLEASE go to the website and sign this petition right away.  Even if you have signed petitions in the past, DO IT AGAIN! The powers that be are trying to outwait the taxpayers of California and make it difficult to stay in the fight to save our precious Delta.  Also there is a petition on the website about saving the salmon.  Sign that one, too.

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