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The Commodore's Report

From the Helm

Happy summer everyone! I love this time of year! Outdoor grilling, light outside until 9 pm, warm enough to go boating in shorts and tee shirt, fresh Brentwood corn to enjoy, and friends at the San Joaquin Yacht Club to share a drink with on a beautiful evening!
I would like to thank all of the members who came to meeting night this month. It was really fun to see such a great turnout, with people we have not seen in awhile!
We are only 6 weeks away from the 2017 4S Games in Sacramento on July 8th. Pam Allen is heading up our
team this year, and is working hard to insure we have the best person/s for each event. For those of you who are fairly new to the club, 4S stands for the 4 yacht clubs that makeup this group. They are Sacramento, Stockton, Sportsman (in Oakley), and San Joaquin. Sacramento has a history of doing very well at the 4S games each year. So well in fact, that they kind of expect to win every year. Yes, the games are on their home turf, but wouldn’t it be fun to show up on Saturday July 8th and surprise them with a win! That can only happen if we scout out the best people for every event, and then practice, practice, practice. So if you know of someone who is really good at any of the games being played, let us know; so we can have the best chance to win!!
This was my first year to attend the Meals on Wheels event and I was very impressed with the amount of time and effort that goes into planning the events of golf and bowling; followed by cocktails, dinner, and awards. Many volunteers have worked year after year to insure the day’s success. I bowled with the group and had a blast. I even got instruction from our resident bowling pro, Bob Beau regard. Dianna played her first 18 holes of golf ever, but had fun and got personal instruction from our resident golf pro, Marge Foster. She had fun and now wants to play more often and improve her game. It was another fun day at the San Joaquin Yacht Club with all the proceeds going to the local Meals on Wheels organization. I can’t wait for the Champagne Cruise on Sept 16th ! I received a call this month from the Bay Area Paranormal Society. They want to come to our club on one of the morequiet Saturday nights to set up their equipment to determine if there are ghosts residing on the Sutter. For those of us who have spent anytime alone at the club, we can always hear the odd noises from the upper deck.
The actual testing evening will be in late July, so we should have the results for our August member meeting. The lead came to us from the Historical Society that has two meetings a year at our club. Jody Merriam gave them our contact information. Thank you Jody!
As most of you know, every year in June we appoint a chairman to help select our SJYC board for the following year. That person forms a committee of three or four other members to assist in the work. They interview the current board as well as members to insure that we are well positioned for next year. I am proud to announce that Ginny Pierce has agreed to form this committee and act as chairperson. Thank you Ginny!
There are many people to thank this month for their hard work at the club that went above and beyond what we expect from members.

All of the Meals on Wheels volunteers (who if I try to remember them all, I will forget someone).

  • Kelly Williams for doing a superb job as OD on Meals of Wheels weekend! For her first year on the board she has really stepped up to understand what needs to be done, and just does it.
  • Peete and Brian Smith for cooking a wonderful German Friday night dinner complete with homemade Schnitzel and homemade Spaetzle. It was delicious!
  • Ty Sylva for working on our AC units for the club to insure that we stay cool in the summer.
  • Sue Olsen for making the club bank deposits every week, and for depositing multiple dues checks while Lauren is away on vacation.
  • Keven Houde for endless hours helping in the galley and the chore of removing all the glass every Monday from the club to the recycle bin.
  • Thanks to Bob and Sue Olsen for taking over as hosts for the Mother’s Day cruise out to The Point in Rio Vista. It was appreciated by all those who attended!
  • Thanks to Pam Allen for hosting a Memorial Day cruise in to our own club. I was out of town, but heard it was a blast!! Father’s Day is on its way so let it be known that you want to come to the club and enjoy the company of new and old friends.
Mark your calendars for Saturday June 24th ! It is International Night at SJYC. We will have a varied menu of selected international favorites, along with music (either a band or DJ), so dress in your favorite country attire and be a part of a fun night.
Thanks everyone for a great first six months and let’s keep the spirit and fun happening at “your” club! Sign up for a Friday night dinner or come down and join us for a cocktail or maybe two! Also, just a reminder that there will be no July member meeting on the first Saturday. Happy 4th of July, and please be safe out there!!
Cheers and enjoy your summer!


The Devil Is In The Details: Another Crucial Petition To Stop The Tunnels

PLEASE go to the website and sign this petition right away.  Even if you have signed petitions in the past, DO IT AGAIN! The powers that be are trying to outwait the taxpayers of California and make it difficult to stay in the fight to save our precious Delta.  Also there is a petition on the website about saving the salmon.  Sign that one, too.

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