Honor Bar

Game Night – Chefs Linda & Mimi

!! Game Night !!
OD Director Sandy Smith

Friday, June 29th ~ Bar Open 4pm – 10pm

Chefs Linda & Mimi

Chicken Adobo, Rice, Asparagus, Bread Rolls, Salad and Dessert

Dinner 7pm ~ $12

Kentucky Derby Party – Chef Kimmy

OD – Staff Commodore Andy Rowland

Bar Open  4pm  –  10pm

Kentucky Derby Party

Fun  ~  Food  ~  Games  ~  Hat Competition  ~  Cocktails

Chef Kimmy  ( Rusty Porthole)

Famous Lasagna, Vegetable, Cesar Salad, Bread & Dessert

Dinner  7pm  ~  $12

Friday Night Dinner – Kalua Pork

OD Director Rhonda Hanson

Bar open 4pm – 10pm

Chef Jessica

Kalua Pork, Fried Rice, Pot Stickers, Spring Rolls, Asian Slaw and Desert

Dinner 7pm – $12

Friday Night Dinner 12/1

Dinner at San Joaquin Yacht Club

Menu: Barrel-Roasted Tri Tip Sandwiches, Sides, Salad, Dessert

Chefs: Jeff & Stephanie Irvine

Bar Open 4-10pm