Meals on Wheels Champagne Cruise

Tickets released for sale JULY 23

Always a sellout event, get your groups together

Dennis Pippin 408-242-0880

Game Night – Chefs Linda & Mimi

!! Game Night !!
OD Director Sandy Smith

Friday, June 29th ~ Bar Open 4pm – 10pm

Chefs Linda & Mimi

Chicken Adobo, Rice, Asparagus, Bread Rolls, Salad and Dessert

Dinner 7pm ~ $12

OD  – Vice Commodore Linda Marriott-Young

Meals On Wheels – Charity GOLF  &  BOWLING  TOURNAMENTS – DINNER

Chefs Jeff Irvine & Jim Senior 

Menu – TBD


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Discovery Bay Small Boats Cruise In to SJYC

May 16th

Chefs Jeff Irvine & Jim Senior 

Barrel Smoked Baby Back Ribs  ~ “Bibby’s” Baked Beans, Corn Spoon Bread, Salad, Fresh Pies

Dinner $20.00

This is a GREAT event if you are able to attend on a Wednesday night ~ call the reservation line

Cinco De Mayo – Meeting Night

OD – Staff Commodore Andy Rowland

Bar Open  4pm  –  10pm

Cinco de Mayo FUN

Board Meeting  9am  ~  Dinner  7pm  ~  General Meeting  8pm

Chef Robert

Chili Colorado, Rice, Beans, Tortilla’   Mexican Salad and Dessert

Dinner 7pm  ~  $15