Chef’s Kathy and Sharon

 OD  Director Sue Olsen 

Friday, April 26th  ~  Bar Open  4pm  –  10pm

Chefs Kathy Terry & Sharon Dervis

Marinated Tri-tip, Safari West Beans, Vegetables, Salad, Bread Rolls and Dessert

Dinner 7pm  /  $12

Chefs Doug & Toni

Weekend of April 5th  ~  OD Secretary Dianna Rowland

Friday, April 5th  ~  Bar Open  4pm  –  10pm

Chefs Doug & Toni Napoletano

Lasagna, Vegetables, Rolls, Salad and Dessert

Dinner  7pm  /  $12

Friday Night Dinner

Weekend of March 29th  ~  OD Port Captain Pam Allen

Friday, March 29th  ~  Bar Open  4pm  –  10pm

Chef and menu coming soon

Dinner 7pm  ~  $12